About Us

safety gearWorkwear has become an important part of a companies image. Wether they are an individual, small company or large company, K& A Supplies can meet there requirements. We have also recognised the ever increasing need for Personal Protective Equipment in the work place. Occupational health and safety issues touch every aspect of daily working life wether it is a companies obligation to its employees, a legal requirement or an individual to themselves.
Our Garage and Workshop Tools and Equipment are aimed at both the professional market and the enthusiast. All of our range conform to the latest UK and European legislation and standards, offering the end user quality and piece of mind that our products will perform, add to this our very competitive prices to complete the package.

Our range of Workwear includes the following products:

Hi Visibilty Clothing, Workwear, Workwear Trousers, Safety Boots and footwear, Polo Shirts, T shirts, Waterproofs,  Safety equipment, PPE, Safety Gloves, Respirators and dust masks, Eye protection and safety glasses, Hard hats.

Our range of garage and workshop equipment includes the following products:

Professional hydraulic floor jacks, Trolley jacks, Aluminium racing jacks, Transmission jacks, Jack stands, Lifting equipment, Mini lifts, Engine cranes, Load levelers, Sand blasters, Oil drainers, Hydraulic puller kits, Hydraulic shop presses, hydraulic bench presses,Tool boxes and tool storage.